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About us

Omikron 44 is a boutique agency founded in Thessaloniki in 2013 operating in the Digital Marketing realm ever since, with a specific focus on Google Ads. We are a highly skilled team with excellent knowledge and numerous achievements in the field of performance marketing. Indicative of that is the fact that a significant percentage of our clients originates from the very first days of our founding and they now hold leading positions in their area of activity.

According to Google Ireland, Omikron 44 has reached one of the highest percentages in Client Retention in Southeastern Europe. By using the optimal practices in online advertising and accomplishing long term outstanding results in the ad campaigns for our clients our agency has earned the title of Premier Google Partner, which is awarded only in the top 3% of Google Partners worldwide.

Moreover, we have developed two very powerful tools that boost the effectiveness of ads: Magelon CSS and Adai Software. We can undertake your advertising needs on google via Magelon CSS and save up to 20% per cost of click while we offer product feed optimisation via Adai Software for optimum ad performance.

We Can Help Your Brand Grow!

*Important Update - Because we give our clients our full focus and capabilities on achieving their goals and beyond, potential new partnerships are now limited. To reserve your position fill out the form below.

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